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Excimer Laser

Excimer Laser was born with human's researches to find a real treatment method which is an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses.Excimer Laser was actually developed for computer chips by IBM in 1976.Ten years after this date,used in an eye surgery in Berlin for the first time.Beacuse of the success,a lot of company started to produce excimer laser.

In the first years, excimer laser was only used for myopia treatments.But today, we use the excimer laser for myopia,hyperopia and astigmatism.It doesn't have important bad effects and also is very successful. By today,excimer laser is applied on over 50.000 eyes in Turkey.



If you ;

are over 16 years old,having hyperopia or astigmatism
are over 18 years old, having myopia
do not want to wear eye glasses or use contact lens
are not able to wear eyeglasses or use contact lens becuase of sportive aims or your job.
you are able for excimer laser.

If you ;

have dry eye syndrome
have deformation or thinness (e.g. keratokonus) in your cornea
are in the active term of your rheumatism
have diabetes with high glycose level
are pregnant
having hormonal treatment
you are not able for excimer laser.

You can see the page Lasik & PRK for additional information.