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Our Surgeon

H. Zeki Buyukyildiz, M.D., Assoc. Prof.

March 1953 : Born in Safranbolu (Karabuk, Turkey).
June 1970 : Graduation from Pertevniyal High School.
Nov. 1970 : Accepted to University of Istanbul, Istanbul Faculty of
June 1976 : Diploma of Doctor in Medecine awarded.
Oct. 1976 : Accepted for training in Ophthlamology in Istanbul Faculty of
Jan. 1980 : Diploma of specialist in Ophthlamology (D.O.), and was
appointed to the Medico-Social Center of University of Istanbul.
Aug. 1980 - Jan.1982 : Completed his military service as an Ophthalmologist.
Feb. 1982 - April 1983 : Worked as a private ophthalmologist.
April 1983 : Senior registrar in Haseki (State) Hospital Eye Clinic.
1983 - 1984: Lecturer in the 9th, and 10th courses of Opticien that were
organised in Haseki Hospital.
May 1986 : Vice - Chief in Haseki Hospital Eye Clinic.
1986 - 1987 : Went to England with three scholarships he took. Improved
his English at the language schools and participated in
the education studies in the subjects of laser applications in eyes,
retinal diseases, vitrectomy, and intraocular lens implantation:

Feb. And March 1986 : Joined to the works of Argon laser traetment in St.
Mary's Hospital in Colchester city of England.
April 1896 : Observed vitrectomy operations of J..D. Scott in Addenbrooke's
Hospital in Cambridge for two weeks.
Oct. 1986 : Observed vitrectomy operations of Zdenek Gregor and retina
clinic works of Alan Bird in Moorfields Eye Hospital in London
for two weeks.
Oct. 1986 : Observed some keratoplasty operations of T.A. Casey in a
private hospital in London.
Oct.- Dec.1987: Attended David Dorell's operating sessions (PECCE and
IOL implantation) and Outpatient clinics in Royal Victoria Hospital
in Bournemouth. .
Feb. - March 1987: Trained on and practiced fundus fluorescein angiography and
Laser photocoagulation in the Ophthalmology Department of Istanbul
Faculty of Medecine, University of Istanbul.
Oct. 1988 : Was elected as the General Secretary of Istanbul Branch of the Turkish
Ophthalmology Society for two years.
Dec. 1989 : Was elected as the Treasurer of The Central Office of the Turkish
Ophthalmology Society for two years.
Oct. 1990 : Became Associate Professor.
1992 : Upon the fact that the clinic Chief got retired, he performed the
duty of the Chief in Haseki Hospital Eye Clinic for 11 months.
Aug. 1995 : Observed Dr. S.P. Shearing's and Dr. R. Levy's phaco surgeries, YAG
laser patient surgery and pre and postoperative examinations in Shearing
Eye Institute in Las Vegas for 3 weeks. After that, for one-day time, he
observed the phaco operations of Dr. J.R. Shepherd in Shepherd Eye
Center in Las Vegas.
Dec. 2000 : Got the opportunity of observing again the phaco operations and clinic
examinations of Dr. J.R. Shepherd in Shepherd Eye Center in Las Vegas.

Dr. Zeki Buyukyildiz has been working in Sisli Etfal Hospital Eye Clinic as the Vice-Chief since 1999 and Cagdas Goz Merkezi (Modern Eye Center) where he
established, since 1997.

He attended many of the ophthalmology congresses, courses, symposia aand other scientific meetings arranged every year in Turkey since 1977. He presented papers in many of them.

In abroad, he attended various congresses and symposia in United States, Netherland, England, Singapore, Cyprus, Sarajevo, Greece and Egypt.

He has 46 scientific papers and articles.

He mainly works on Excimer and otherkind of laser applications and surgeries, and retinal detachment surgery.

In addition to his professional work, he plays "Bašlama" (Turkish folkloric instrument) and sings folk songs. He worked as the Chairman of Istanbul University Turkish Folk Music Band, that he is a founder of it, for 20 years. He has various folk songs compilations and a wide archive of Turkish Folk Music.

Dr. Buyukyildiz, besides, graduated from University of Istanbul, Press and Publications School, Journalism and Public Relations Department in 1983.